Ellen & Jennie

Living in a Glass World

I was raised on a dairy farm in a small rural community, near the Village of Grand Valley. I loved crafts through 4-H and the country and dreamed of attending a prestige college. I had planned to take a year off after graduating high school. When school began, I was lost. I flew immediately to Sault College of Applied Arts & Technology. I studied everything from weaving to printmaking. The following summer I was hired as a stained glass apprentice. After being laid off, I worked as a graphic artist and continued creating stained glass. Much of it self-taught.

I was in love. I found my passion in glass which has become my destiny. I started teaching glass at night school. I rented space at the Fergus Market for 9 years and opened a retail glass studio & supply store. Eventually, I gave up the Market, outgrew my store and moved to a 2400 sq. ft. store on the sunny side of Main Street downtown Fergus. At that time, I participated in “Canada Blooms” & “One of A Kind”.

As I was preparing the store for the Grand Opening, I found out that I was pregnant with TWINS. After having the girls in August of ‘99, I continued with my store until May 2000. I had conquered my dream of having a store, but, never dreamed of having twins at the age of 36. I married my husband in 1999.

That fall, we purchased a home in the country outside of Brucefield. It wasn’t until the girlies started school that I began to sell my glass again starting with small local craft shows. I opened our little store in Fonthill in 2014. January 20, 2016, I lost my best friend and Husband to cancer.

In 2009, my pallet of shows grew to 20+. I work from my home Based Studio as well at the store . We now reside in the Niagara Region. I offer Weekend Get-away Stained Glass Workshops during the winter months.

In 1996, I created my own Bevel Cluster line called “HARMONY BEVELS”. These are glass bevel kits that include pre-cut bevels and patterns. I add new designs each year. They are available throughout North America.

I am  working on publishing a Stained Glass Pattern Book that includes Primitive & Country Design window panels. 

My windows are all signed & dated as well as the antique panels I restore (for authenticity). I love antiques and recycling. I use broken vintage jewellery as embellishments on my night lights and windows. I make Memory Panels of which I attach everything from the old jewellery box or collections that people have had forever. I.e.: charms, dog whistle, crosses, earrings, fishing lures etc. 

I have approximately 16 portfolios and my work has reached countries such as Switzerland, Holland, China, Brazil, England, Scotland, United States and across Canada.

Each year my glass selection changes along with new designs & techniques of which are endless. There is never a dull moment in the Glass World. As glass manufacturers continue producing more textures and colours, new designs are possible and DREAMS NEVER FLOURISH.

I am truly Thankful and Blessed for my Gifts from within.


Enhance the beauty of your home, cottage or business with Art Glass that shimmers through the break of day

and lasts through the evening sky.

The colours and textures forever changing

with the light that dawns upon us.

Experience the warmth and serenity with Art Glass & explore the possibilities of the Spectrum.

Discover the timeless beauty of glass.

Stained glass is a lifetime investment that beautifies and increases the value of your property.

I can help you with the design and materials that are suitable for you. I ensure my glass to be of the finest in the area. My priorities are craftsmanship, personal service & customer satisfaction. My experience extends to all areas of stained glass construction (including restoration using the old world technique) specializing in windows, transoms & sidelights.